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Mann Made Plumbing's mission is to provide the finest servicing of existing plumbing systems. We exist to attract and maintain customers. When we adhere to this mantra, everything else will fall into place. Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers.

About Mann Made Plumbing
Mann Made Plumbing Inc (License # : PC11003526) is a family owned company that offers trusted personal service, expert craftsmanship , along with honest and reliable plumbing repairs. Our work is 100% guaranteed and we are licensed, insured, and bonded,. This Northwest Indiana based plumbing company has chosen to specialize in servicing existing plumbing systems for residential old and new homes, as their niche. By concentrating on this specific segment of the market, Mann Made demonstrates proficiency and professionalism. They leverage their competitive edges of professionalism and service by properly training all of their employees and impress customers who are used to the lackadaisical attitude of most plumbers. The number one objective of Mann Made is to exceed customer's expectations. The key to this is to provide the customer with fair prices and outstanding service.

By choosing Mann Made plumbing, you will have the peace of mind knowing that there is no hidden fees and that we are punctual and offer affordable reasonable prices along with our quality work. You may find a cheaper plumber, but cheaper isnít always better! We offer over 15 years of experience and are the #1 Ranked Plumber for Northwest Indiana on Angieís List * .

Let us work around your busy schedule to set a convenient plumbing or repair appointment! As part of our commitment to quality, personal, unparallelled, customer service, we will give you a coutersey call notifying you when we are 30-60 minutes away!

Why go with Mann Made Plumbing?
Mann Made plumbing has 3 competitive advantages that they use.
1 - Perks and Benefits - We offer over 15 years of experience, have referrals that are available upon request, competitive rates, offer fress estimates and Senior Discounts.

2 - Professionalism - Fortunately for Mann Made, professionalism seems to be absent among many plumbers skill sets. Mann Made exhibits their professionalism in all aspects of customer interaction as well as job performance. It is very common for plumbers to bid out for more items that they can handle at once. This is done because the assumption is that they will not get all the jobs they bid for so it is likely that their job load will be balanced out in the long run. Sometimes this works, other times it fails. This is a common source of unprofessionalism that will not happen at Mann Made. Additionally, all employees will be indoctrinated into this customer-centric culture, ensuring that all interactions with anyone from Mann Made will be a positive experience.

3 - Service Quality - This is the part of the job that is visible to the customer as opposed to the bulk of the work that is hidden behind cabinets and walls. There are not a lot of plumbing companies that have consistently good service quality. This is one way that Mann Made easily stands out relative to the competitors. By providing a high level of service quality it is an easy way to impress home builders and customers ,since they would end up having to fix any conflicts that are unsatisfied with. In otherwords, sloppy service work will usually have to be remedied at some point...usually when it is inconvenient.

Areas of Service:
         Cedar Lake
         Crown Point
         East Chicago
         Lake Station
         Michigan City
         Ogden Dunes

* - This referral is listed under Kwaitkowski plumbing. Mann Made plumbing now owns Kwaitkowski plumbing (his previous employer).

Professional references from Angieís List
Needed a plumber and checked Angie's List for reviews, so glad we did. We found a real winner.were very pleased with work, professional attitude and price. Work was done quickly and well. Happy to have use of sink again. Used coupon which definitely was a nice plus. No doubt we will use this company again!!! Not very often can a service make you this pleased with work that was done.

Member Comments:
We ran into a big problem with kitchen sink, it would not drain down; tried different remedies none which worked. We knew that we had no recourse but to call a plumber. After checking Angie's List and reading reviews we decided to call Kwiatkowksi Plumbing, we got an immediate response and set up time. Mark called prior to coming to let us know when he would be here.
Mark came in and cleaned out wall drain and reset pipes in no time. He checked everything out prior to leaving and now the drain is working better then its been in a long time. No doubt this was not the biggest job they had to perform, but I appreciate so very much that it was done well. My husband who normally would have possibly tried to fix the drain has been extremely ill, so we can truly give a big thank you to Kwiatkowski Plumbing for a job well done and for not feeling that we were taken by someone who would try to find many more things wrong. NO DOUBT WE WILL CALL THEM AGAIN WHEN NEEDED..
Company Response:
Dear member, Thank you for your kind report, Clint Mann my top plumber, was on the job that day. I am glad he represented Kwiatkowski Plumbing in a professional way. please call me in the future if you need my services.

Clint is a Master Plumber, and a teacher for apprentices in plumbing. Clint tried to clear the block with a snake and unfortunately it did not happen. The next procedure was to remove the toilet from the floor, which he did and discovered a tooth brush in the trap. We were cleaning the shower and accidentally left the brush in the water when we emptied the bucket in the toilet. He also replaced the ball and chain in the water closet. Then he checked all the other plumbing and all was well. Clint was very professional, knowledgeable and a pleasant service professional to have in our home.

Clint was on time, professional, and didn't make me feel too stupid. =) Solved the problem and answered some of my other general plumbing questions.

Clint was very professional, friendly, and clean. They were timely and these guys don't fool around and they get down right to it and we were able to get our bathroom back in record time. These guys are now my plumbers!

From my initial telephone call...to the completion of the service, everything was handled efficiently and professionally. My service person, Clint, arrived exactly on time. He explained to me what he would be doing and why. The service was great, and everything is now working beautifully. I would definitely use Kwiatkowski Plumbing again, and would recommend it to my friends and family.

Clint arrived right on time and verified what I wanted done. He then proceeded with the work and showed me what he had done. He was very polite and efficient. All work was done at the quoted price and with my Angie's List discount. I would not hesitate to call them again as the quality of work was excellent and the people most accommodating.

I called them on a Sunday morning to see if they could do the work that day. My ejector pump was filled to the top, the motor was making noise like it wanted to eject the water, but it was not ejecting. The owner said that while he could come out that day, it would be better to wait until Monday morning in order to avoid the weekend overtime rates he would have to charge (as would any other plumbing company). As long as it wasn't an emergency and we still had bathrooms to use on the upper level of the house, it could wait. During the initial phone call, he asked what type pump it was and had us try a few different small things to determine what the problem could be. Clint showed up at about 9 a.m. Monday and finished the job in about an hour's time (maybe a little less). Very professional. Did not leave a mess. Gave me a discount of $20 for being a member of Angie's List. Would definitely use again.

Google reviews: *

GREAT PLUMBING JOB! I Had the pleasure of working with kwiatkowski plumbing, they do exellent work. the plumbing work was finished up on time. With no hidden fee's. Great job!

Great Pumbing service Kwiatkowski Plumbing is very professional company. They are very knowledgeable in all phases in plumbing. I would use them again

Great Help I would just like to say thanks for all the great help that I received from Kwiatkowski Plumbing - In a crunch and.... well one heck of situation they were there to help me out. again thanks and to all people looking for a great plumbing give them a call.

Kwiatkowski plumbing is a pleasure to work with. Kwiatkowski plumbing is very knowledgeable is all fields of plumbing, leak detection, and all other plumbing needs. I would recommend them.

Dexknows reviews *
I needed a reliable plumber and called. They were prompt, reliable, honest, on time and did a great job. They came out the day of the blizzard(January 31, 2011), just before all the snow hit and fixed and finished the job before we got snowed in. Guess who needs a plumber again to fix a problem. I am going to call them again to see if they can help me.

* - This referral is listed under Kwaitkowski plumbing. Mann Made plumbing now owns Kwaitkowski plumbing (his previous employer).

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